EST 2001


Mhairi grew up outside Balloch in the 1970s. She developed a passion for food at a young age, when she spent her time growing berries, peaches, nectarines canteloupe and melons, as well as making pasta, yogurt, bread, cakes, elderflower champagne, elderberry wine and amazing meals from scratch.  Sitting at a round table with guests at the family home enjoying great food and drink every weekend, hospitality was in her blood.


ZIQUE’S is named after her grandfather who acquired the nickname Zique when he fought against Franco in Spain in the international brigade. Zique was a Forager, a Freedom Fighter, Anti Facist and all round Good Guy.

From the makers and bakers of Delizique & Cafezique - ZIQUE’S and THE BAKERY BY ZIQUE celebrating a legacy of good food and fun established. 2001. 




Small Plates Menu

Monday to Saturday

12 noon - 10pm

Breakfast is served

Monday to Saturday

9am – 11am


9am - 4pm

TEL: 01413397180


Please get in touch if you can't find the availability you were looking for or if you would like to book for outside or at the bar.


"Great atmosphere, friendly staff and wonderful brunch food! The food is fresh and full of flavor and the portions are just right"


"Atmospheric bistro with good wine, good food & good service - I loved the menu choices. Everything was fresh, bright and healthy"



Set in the heart of Glasgow's West End lies the latest addition to the ‘Zique’ family, The Bakery by Zique bakes beautiful breads, cakes, pastries and tarts, as well as preparing delicious and inventive fresh salads, soups, sandwiches and meal boxes, in-house every day, throughout the day.